Newborns, Babies and Bellies

I fell behind on my posts this winter/spring but really wanted to share a favorite from each session. It's fun to document this time in peoples lives. I get to see them when they are anticipating the baby and then the next time I see them, there is magically a baby in their arms. Sometimes I get to watch the baby grow through the year and it never ceases to amaze me how much they change. I have had some pretty adorable clients to work with. See for yourself!!

Bethany & Ross, waiting for their little girl to arrive. (It was like 2 degrees out.)

The beautiful Jyssica, isn't she radiant?

Dalton is learning to share snuggles with baby Colton.

Ellee Sue <3 p="">


Baby Grace.

Grayson. Such a little stud.

Hunter. Very serious guy.

Charlotte, 6 months!

Joseph, slightly skeptical of me.

Joseph, 3 months old, not so skeptical anymore.

Kelty <3 p="">

Olivia <3 p="">

Baby Reese.

Stella :)

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