Amazing year, amazing people.

The past year has been perfectly busy. Not too overwhelming but not too slow either. I am thankful and indebted to those of you who have passed my name along to someone in need of portraits. I love seeing old clients and seeing how much their kids grow and change. It's also been fun to meet new people and build new relationships. After every shoot I leave feeling so energized. They way I see your family interact and documenting kids unique personalities is what keeps me going.

It has become too much for me to post every session and I really hate that I cannot give each one the spot light here on this blog. Right now, business is slower and I've had a chance to catch up on some back end things. I wanted to make one big giant post in appreciation to anyone who has hired me in the past year. So this one's for you...

T H A N K  Y O U ! !



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another year of photos and fun.

- Megan


  1. I love seeing people I know in your photos! I'm so happy that they get to know you too! Because you are so awesome! ;)

  2. Awesome job Megan! Sessions look great!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I can't believe you made it all the way through 111 photos :) Nice work!