Melissa + Tyler | Wedding

Melissa and Tyler were already married and purchased a home up near Mille Lacs. She would stare out her window and dream of the perfect reception on top of the hill with string lights and her closest family and friends. Tyler worked hard to make her dream come true. Throughout the day, family and friends trickled in to play games, enjoy food and watch them re-enact their vows. I could not believe the incredible woodwork, all done by Tyler and darling details hand made by the bride. You could tell by looking at these thoughtful details that they intended it to be a celebration of their guests. We finished off the evening with a sparkler party and bonfire. They sent me home with a bottle of wine. They were still waving goodbye to me when I walked down the driveway and glanced back. I have never felt so welcomed.

Thank you Melissa and Tyler for letting me be apart of your celebration.

This was the most intense game of Jenga. They ran out of blocks, so Tyler was going to make more, but then...

We had a bunch of girls drawing hearts. After they were done, I looked and there was one girl, still going, so I hit the shutter one more time. You know it's a good wedding when the last photo of the day is THIS:

The End!

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