Maureen + Spencer | Wedding

I called Spencer just before the first look. We were supposed to meet in the park. I could see him across the way standing near a tree. When the call connected I looked up in the sky and saw a dark, looming rain cloud. I asked him if it was raining on him (it was raining on me) and he said he was fine. I said, let's hold off for a few minutes. Right when we hung up, it down poured on him and I watched him run off into the distance. Five minutes later it was perfectly sunny and gorgeous. 

That's what we deal with when we live here in Minnesota. The best part is that it never phased them or stressed them out. They just rolled with it. I imagined someone up in the clouds turning a rain valve on and off each time we tried to take photos. If I had the power, I would probably do the same simply for entertainment purposes.

I sincerely loved capturing this day and being apart of a wonderful celebration of love between two awesome human beings. 


Meghan + Jason | Maternity

Who doesn't love a jolly red-headed preggo? It was fun to photograph the anticipation and excitement between these two lovely souls. Judging by the attention Finch gets, I'd say this new baby is one lucky little boy.

Heather + Mark | Wedding

I stood in the entry way of the church in awe of how many people had come to celebrate and show their support. Old friends hugged and anxious anticipation buzzed through the crowd as they waited to watch Heather walk down the aisle. It's clear how happy they are together. You can see it when they look at each other that they found something special. It was so fun to see old friends and be apart of this gorgeous day. Congratulations Heather and Mark!!