Many of you know, it's an incredible feeling when you finally finish a project you've been working on for so long. I honestly started making concepts of this baby in the winter. I'd get stuck or distracted and step away from it for a while. After a promise of Sushi as a reward, I set a deadline and made it happen.

Behind the scenes: new logo and icon sketching

Gotta give a shout out to my buddies that challenged me (Dustin), encouraged me (Casie, Jodi, John, Jillian, Shannon), razzed me (Amy Jo) and everyone else that gave me tips/advice and feedback. I especially appreciate having people so willing to bounce ideas off of. It's the biggest thing I miss from working with a team in an office setting. So I just make my friends help me. THANKS, FRIENDS!!

Moral of the story, food motivates me...

The website is the same address you have been going to:

This blog has a new address:  

**If you run into any errors with links posted on facebook in the past, simply change the word "photo" to the word "blog" in the URL and your post should pop up. Or just e-mail me and I'll help you! :)


  1. Love your new site, new blog, and love YOU!

  2. Megs! So perfectly you and so perfectly perfect perfect. Thanks for the shout out! And thanks for always razzin' me too!:) I love you!