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No one can truly understand the emotional cycle of infertility until they have experienced it themselves. It's hard to watch people that you feel are so deserving go through the struggle while others seem to have children so effortlessly. Times likes these call for faith in something bigger than ourselves. 

Infertility is something I feel is very common but little talked about. Jodi and Joe endured the ups and downs of hope and grief for nearly three years. Here is a little I'd like to share from their email:

After a much needed 5 month break of medical cycles and much decision weighing, we decided to do another IVF round with a new protocol. Many unknowns of how my body was going to respond and were we mentally prepared for this again?  It was so hard to go back into the doctor and have to go through all of this again. It was so emotionally and physically taxing. To try and add some type of incentive to get through all the shots again, Joe and I would put a star on the mirror for each shot I gave myself for this cycle. We were going to try to have some fun with it. If you can call that fun. After all the stars on the mirror were counted, it added up to 36 shots in just over 19 days. But through this cycle, God was showing us hope along every step of the way. We could only take one day at a time and each small miracle in the process was so rewarding. We ended up having something to transfer and then the two-week wait again to see if everything worked. Even if it ended in a pregnancy or not, we were so thankful that God had gotten us this far. His love, strength and hope amazed us. He is so good! Our blood work game back and confirmed we were pregnant. ALL PRAISE TO GOD. It touched our souls like nothing else. We are amazed, humbled and in awe. A few weeks later an ultrasound confirmed we are having twins. We just have to stand back in amazement every day. If our God can get us through this adversity, he can get us through anything. Our hearts are so full and all we can do is praise God. We are so happy to be able to share this news but we also say it very delicately to anyone that is struggling in this area. We share our story because we hope it provides insight and a hope for anyone experiencing infertility. We would love to share the whole story with anyone interested.

God will always give us what we need, when we need it. Not before—and never after—but just when we need it.

Below was our staple verse through our last round of IVF. It made us realize that we can do everything in our power but God is ultimately in control. This verse eased our hearts and comforted us in the hardest times.

“We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.” – Proverbs 16:33

This email was so fun to receive. Family and friends were overjoyed and highly anticipated the arrival of these little miracles. Their journey continued to be challenging with bed rest and early delivery. Iyla and Adler are overcoming heath issues and growing stronger by the day. I contacted our friend (and fellow photographer) JOHN SWEE and we agreed that two babies needed two photographers.

See John's photos HERE.

I love this info graphic of the failed attempts that Jodi made for us visual people. 

PS!!! Jodi is a talented designer...be sure to visit her site!


Jodi on ETSY

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