Jillian + Aaron | Sanibel Island Wedding

She may be gorgeous on the outside, but my dear friend Jillian is even more beautiful on the inside. She has a very selfless, giving heart that is really unique in this world today. What I love is that she is always excited, positive and inquisitive. It was fun to watch her plan and give vision to her dream beach wedding. Aaron is so fun to be around. Just a cool guy. Their personalities blend well together. They're both fun-loving and goofy.

Everyone went a few days early and spent some leisure time boating, relaxing on the beach, getting pedicures and enjoying a beach BBQ poolside rehearsal dinner. It was really rough, you guys.

After the ceremony, a lady pulled us aside and said, "I just have to tell you, right when the ceremony started, a rainbow popped out in the distance and stayed out the entire ceremony!"

I miss this wedding so much, I did not want to leave. It never felt like work. I'm so grateful to have been apart of it. Congrats Jillian & Aaron!!!