February Wallpaper!

Thanks for the awesome feedback about the wallpapers. I'll do my best to get them up on time this year!

Molly + Charlie | Wedding

I spent the morning photographing Charlie along with his family and friends and it was easy to identify why Molly was so excited to marry this guy. Since high school I've always appreciated Molly's unique view on life. She has a way of telling stories and seeing things out of the ordinary.  She is one of the best graphic designers I know.  Good design is something she takes seriously. Listening to her vision of yellows, grays, and vintage details got me really inspired. At times if felt like we went back in time and I was photographing a classic movie...

Here are just a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy!!

Reception Venue: Christos Union Depot

January 2013 | Wallpaper

Here's your January desktop... a little late, but hey, it's free! I will be better at getting February to you in a timely manner. Also - THIS video is hilarious. Stay warm out there....


Carolyn + Mike | Engagement

Carolyn is that type of friend that pushes you to do better. To make better choices in business or relationships. She inspires and encourages, all the while, humbly achieving new levels of success with her own little shop Tilly Maison. I had the pleasure to watch both her small business begin and grow and her relationship with Mike begin and take off. He spotted her in the office that we all worked at. Slowly over time he won her over with his persistent gifts and insisting she edit his proposals. I knew it before it started. There may have been a little IM-ing and a whole lot of giggling. They're a perfect fit & I can't barely wait to see how incredible this wedding will be...

Congrats, friends.