Justin + Val | Engagements

These two. Man, we had a fun shoot. Some trespassing was involved, but we left when asked by the elderly woman. I confess...I laughed at Val when she froze in front of the camera. Because I know just how uncomfortable it can be. I assured her, it would get less weird. By the end, my goodness. I am really proud of these images. They are so photogenic and have such contagious smiles. AND they bought me dinner after. WIN.

(can't wait for the wedding!!!)

 Not only does she have incredible hair-she is such a talented hair stylist. Top notch. F'real.

Versteeg Family

If you like

Precious little girls

You might enjoy the photos below...

 She is flexing her muscles :O)

Schulz Family

Nicole is my good friend from college. We both studied graphic design together. We haven't seen each other in years, so it was fun to catch up and meet her adorable growing family. Cooper had a lot of location and posing ideas. A young creative director if you ask me...


Matthew | 6 months

Matthew's Grandma came all the way from Peru to be with her daughter during the delivery. A few months later, his Grandpa flew in to meet them. They asked me to come document Matthew and his grandparents before they return to Peru. It was fun to use a little of my spanish with them...