four friends, four cokes.

if i could travel back and live in any era, it would be the 1950's. a time of drive-ins, jute boxes, burgers and malts. coca-cola, rock n' roll. to me, it seemed so simple and fun. before internet and cell phones. before blogs.

my friend shannon had this great idea, to grab four of her besties and do a friend shoot on a farm. they found the cutest outfits, rocked their best victory curls and we all jumped in a car and headed to annandale, mn. i am over the moon proud of what we captured that beautiful summery day.


 this is one of my little helpers. isn't she the most darling thing?

The Larson's

I ventured out to Madison, WI to see and photograph this awesome family. Andrea and I used to work together doing graphic design. She also left that field to pursue photography. She shoots in Madison and the Baldwin/Hudson area. If you're out there, make sure you check out her work!! She has the cutest studio: Andrea Larson Photography

We walked around the Arboretum, and even though these are smiley photos, Avayah was sassin' the whole time. She insisted she bring her bucket of lip gloss and gum along... 

eric + jennifer | gale mansion wedding

besides being two very in-love and awesome people, eric and jennifer had the loveliest summer wedding. the lighting and weather was perfect. the beautiful gale mansion provided the perfect backdrop for them to tie the knot. it was so fun being apart of this laid back and wonderful day surrounded by great people...