winter beach birthday!

rachel (5) caleb (3) and ben (3) combined birthdays for one big winter beach party in march. there was a sandbox in the heated garage and beach wear was required. it happened to be gorgeous out, so the kids ran free in yard all day. it was a great time hanging out with these sweet little souls. i had as much fun as the kids (maybe more).

kids are awesome.

meet rachel :)

and this would be my nephew. my pride and joy.

  wondering what this is? it's a fairy house! (duh!)

 the girls gathered pine-cones and berries for the fairies.

here's caleb. the big 0-3! i covet his eyelashes.

 and ben (also 3!)

it's her party, she can pout if she wants to!

 lady bug massacre time!

beautiful ashlyn.

lightning mcqueen.

the end!

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  1. great stuff!

    The father of the twins.