fast will | 1 month

we planned to do william's newborn photos, but as many new parents can agree, priorities get switched around. and things don't go according to plan. the baby makes the plans and runs the show. i wanted him to fall asleep so i could pose him, but he wasn't in the mood for sleeping. will was awake and alert but that didn't stop his mom and i from putting adorable etsy hats on his head.

i made this for you | january 2012 wallpaper

i worked at an ice rink in high school. it was the best job.  i was taking a photography class at the time.* we used 35 mm cameras and developed the film in a dark room. i noticed how neat the ice looked at sunset with the blade marks from ice skates. i can't find that print, so i recreated it. i'm trying to pay attention to the pretty things this winter to keep my spirits up. join me!

* fun fact! it's the only photography class i have taken (besides workshops)

barie | family session

i sat in the barie's newly finished basement and hung out with these two adorable kids. brady gets pretty excited around the camera, which is the best.

jaxson | 1 year photos

here are a couple of my favorite photos from my session with jaxson this fall! we had the same shirt on that day. i'm in love with his big blue eyes and dimples...

anna | 6 months

+ big blue eyes
+ a vintage ruffly tutu
+ flower headband
+ pearls
+ add some window light
+ press a few buttons


josh + sarah | engagement session

another beautiful autumn shoot at minnehaha falls park. we had to pass through a halloween parade to get to the falls. there was a giant wolf puppet thing that creeped us all out. after the falls, sarah had the idea to go down by the river where she goes running. it was perfect.