stender | family session

whenever i meet with the stender family, i know i have to bring my "a" game. these kids are high energy and if i'm not ready for it, all my photos would be blurry streaks of color running across the photo. the trick is to embrace the energy. have them race each other. tell them to jump really high or do cartwheels. when they are resting, say "stand there and smile quick!" then tell them to go run another lap. after the shoot, i go home, take a nap and wonder how parents around the world keep up with their children 24/7. god bless you all.

enough with the smiles and posing. this is the real stuff.

logan | class of 2012

here are a couple of my favorite photos from my time with logan. an aspiring graphic designer with a great personality. i got a few with his sisters too, but i don't want to spoil the christmas card.

a granny was wandering around near us, so we decided to embrace it.

matt + abby | wedding

today's wedding post about matt and abby brings us to the lovely town of madison wisconsin. the ceremony was held at blackhawk church. just before it started, the lights went down so low, i had a moment of panic, thinking i'd have to shoot in the dark-but it was to show a slideshow first. i thought that was a really neat idea, especially for some of the guests who may not know them too well. they got to relive their childhood and dating story. it made the ceremony even more special. someone they knew let them have access to their barn. there were brick oven pizzas made fresh throughout the night. and one of the biggest/best dance parties i've witnessed.