matthew jase | 6 months

i love matthew's little tuft of hair and big gummy smile. his sister maddy usually ends up stealing my attention with her constant twirling and cuteness.

shannon + jim | 1 year anniversary

remember them? we went to high school together. to celebrate one year of marriage, they planned a date night of a photoshoot, dinner at ichibon, and a night at the grand hotel minneapolis. it made me feel kinda fancy! shannon had all the spots planned out that she knew would inspire me. i love working with these two.

congrats on your first year of marriage, guys!!  enjoy!

class of 2012 | ian

first we got a shot of ian in his suit for the grandparents. then we wandered about the sculpture gardens for a few more casual pics. lastly we got some shots in his ultimate frisbee uniform.

i trusted his precision and asked him to throw the disc right above my head to get this sweet pic:

jess | class of 2012

jess' senior session was a good time. she's a talented drummer, so i asked her to lug her drum set along. we found an alley to jam out in. i wish we could have been louder but what i heard from her was i n c r e d i b l e ! it felt like more of an album cover shoot that senior session!

i would also like to add that she makes a really good "serious" face

and has really pretty blue eyes (obvs)

hey jess! don't forget about me in 10 years when you're all famous and need a REAL album cover! :)