zaylen | newborn session

a close friend of mine asked me to be there when she had child number two. she wanted me to capture the first few moments of her life. i dressed head-to-toe in scrubs and followed the dad into the operating room. i suppose you could say it was an unforgettable shoot...

congratulations, matt and kara, on your precious red headed girl!! :)


  1. Incredible! I felt like I was right there in the room, and to scroll down to the open eyed picture, and say, "Awwww! Why, hello baby!" Great job Megan, great story & congrats to Matt and Kara AND big brother Zander!

  2. Thank you for the good cry, Megan! :) These pictures are amazing! Truly captured the miracle of baby Zaylen's first moments of life! You are definitely a very talented lady!

  3. Amazing pictures!!! The photos brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know the family! Megan you are SO talented! I just love your pictures...

    Kris Conroy