matt + rachel | a proposal story

this story begins one week ago...

(phone conversation between matt and me)


matt: goooood morning, megan! um, i uh, bought rachel a ring, and um... im going to propose to her... tonight! at her school. brooke [rachel's daughter] knows about it. she's keeping it a secret!

me: whuuuuut!!!?? ohmigoodness!! for real??? tonight??? can i come?? i'll take pictures!! we're going to need a video camera, we need someone who can tape it...ahhhhh!! what are you going to say to her! she's gonna freak out! i'm so excited!!

matt: you are?? oh, good, me too!


so i called the school and we arranged to be there around 7:20. the teacher knew. matt rented a tux and was going to have a bouquet of flowers. everything was perfect!

until i got a text that said, "not going to school tonight...bad ear ache."


fast forward one week (yesterday)

same game plan. same secret kept. brooke (7 years old) held it in and we were SO proud. she said she had a few close calls.

one example:

brooke: mom i picked out new shoes for the wedding!!!

rachel: what wedding???????

brooke: ummmmmm whatever wedding we go to!!

(nice one!)

he originally wanted to burst into her classroom and ask her, but due to security reasons, he stood by the entrance and waited for her class to go on break.

welp... i suppose you'd like to see some pictures now...



brooke kept giving him little pep was adorable

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)


  1. Perfectly told. Thank you for being apart of our eventful evening, it meant the world to have you there.

  2. ok...I love that Rachel was wearing the Perfect shirt too!!!

  3. Love the pictures!!

  4. We are so happy for both of you Rachel and Matt. The Blaine campus was so honored to be part of your special moment! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Patty Sagert

  5. GOOD JOB MATT!!!!!!!! perfect execution.

  6. Matt! Good job! So proud of and happy for you both!

  7. yiiippppppy!!! got me all teary eyed!! love u rach!! you deserve the best. mmmuahhhhhhhhhhhh <3 sara