honduras | the grand finale

i'm home. i brought you 50 degree weather but it didn't last long. sorry about that.

would i do this again, you ask? yes. i will probably try to every winter.
the people of honduras have little and are happy. the biggest thing i realized is that i have way to many material things and none of them are necessary.

although i would argue that my camera is very much necessary.

i saw and heard many heartbreaking things. but today i am focusing only on the beauty i found. they'd only know this if they came to MN and went back, but in my opinion, they live in heaven...


down by the river.

today was simply amazing. we met a new friend in the mall parking lot. his name is nahum. his heart is for the children. he invited us to join him down by the river, so we got out of spanish school and work, to watch him pass out school supplies to the children. i offered to document. i was in photographer heaven. the kids have very little and seem to be content. they provided back packs, notebooks, pencils, erasers, colored pencils and other various items to 44 children.

they sang, ate cake and drank soda. afterward, nahum took us to a plot of land he hopes to build an orphanage that will house 15 abandoned kids. sheila and i are cooking up a scheme on how to help them. it's going to be amazing. be excited.

before you proceed.

i have a confession.

when i'm editing photos, i sometimes give people's eyes a slight enhancement in the digital darkroom. a little extra "pop," you know? not these folks. i don't need too. they already have an extra twinkle in their eye.

i'm not sure why, but i like it.

oh! one last thing. (for my mom.)

hi mom! happy birthday! today (feb 2) you are 50 and still fabulous. i meant to mail you this delicious coconut, but due to financial reasons, i can only take a photo and hope you still feel extra special today.

love always,
child #3