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this year has been truly amazing. no, no. that's an understatement. 2010 was EPIC for megan daas photography. it's fun to look back and see all the love and magic i got to capture. i am also very proud to announce, my photos were published in a real live magazine.

erin & reece were featured in the mpls st. paul weddings issue that came out last week. it was an absolute honor. remember that post? it's a goody, you can view it HERE. my sister snapped a few pics of me in all my glory above, but i recommend you pick one up, open to page 74 and feel the silky smooth magazine paper for yourself. maybe smell it too.

and now, this is going to turn into a mini award speech, if you don't mind. although no one asked me too. this is my blog, and i don't have a boss to stop me. it's probably going to get a little sappy. that's the last disclaimer. i warned you.

i love my job. i'm grateful for a god-given talent that brings me and the people i work with so much joy. people get SO excited and that makes me SO excited.

my mom and dad are/always have been so supportive and proud of every little detail and stage of my career. my friends and roomies are my #1 fans. i love when they oooo and aaahhhh at every blog post. they reassure my crazy ideas and build up my confidence. they run off and show and tell their friends, and that brings more business. this means i get to work with really awesome people, who are fun to be around. i think i might photograph the entire staff of gillette hospital. and when my head gets too big, they bring me back down to earth. just like friends should do.

i have to thank my friend carolyn at tilly | maison for her fun ideas and creative energy throughout the day of erin & reece's wedding. SHE put the invite in the vines on the wall. not me, people.

are you still reading? i thought so! they're playing the music to kick me off stage now.

thank you for being a fan of my work.



  1. I heart you...with a really big heart :)

  2. You have always been amazing!!!!! I am soooo proud of my Megs!!!

  3. Megan, you are a wonderful photographer with so so so much talent and BIG HUGE bonus - an awesome person! Love you and keep you the great work!
    Hope & the Gang

  4. This makes me so happy

  5. Megan!!! That is AMAZING!! You 100% completely deserve to be in a magazine though. Your photos are brilliant. Every single time I look at your blog, a tinge of remorse runs through my bones that you weren't a photographer when I got married... I LOVE MDP!!!