adventures in la ceiba, honduras

if you don't already know, i'm spending 30 days in honduras volunteering at an orphanage and learning spanish. i found this opportunity through this organization from my friend who did a medical mission in tanzania last winter. luckily, when my friend sheila heard i was going she decided to join me.  it's good to have a friend along. i haven't experienced any isolation or culture shock. when i hear that the weather is -25 back home, i cringe and thank the heavens above that i am where i am. so for you back home, i'm so sorry to rub this in your face, but i hope it inspires you to make a choice like this next winter.


i will do another post about the orphanage when i get more photos of the kids. right now, we are painting the inside and outside with the tweens. the little ones come back from vacation early february. i'm excited to meet the toddlers because we speak the same level of spanish.

in order to get the real vibe of this post, turn your thermostat to 82, add sugar to your coke and turn on some daddy yankee tunes.

 we met 12 retired pilots on this canopy tour. the oldest one was 70!

steam from the hot springs

cerveza with our new pilot friends

wish you were here!!!


  1. Love it Megs!! Hope you gals are having a blast!

  2. fabulous photos! hugs to you and sheila!

  3. Thinking of what a wonderful experience this is for you and anyone that crosses your path. Be blessed. Love ya "auntie" Moe