dan + rachel | engagement session

dan and rachel are both nurses. they specialize in fixing hearts. how romantic is that? i know. i know. dan suggested gale woods farm, and rachel had the great idea to visit the woodland hill winery.

their version of american gothic:

after all the cutesy picnic photos, dan decided it was time to rock out:

she's holding a virtual zippo lighter-if you can't tell.

and on our way home, we watched a donkey get pulled over! ha ha.


  1. love the Grant Wood!!

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous setting, adorable couple - their love and personalities shine throughout.

  3. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling viewing these two love birds...what a gift you have in capturing their happiness, along with nature's true beauty...Congrats to Dan and Rachel!!

  4. Well I just have to say, I can't stop looking at them. Cutiest couple I have ever seen and the photogragher isn't so bad herself. Great job Megan!