kendra | senior portraits

kendra is my friend's younger sister. we used to pick on her a lot when we were younger. she has grown to be such a pretty young lady. she is really easy to get along with and has a super witty sense of humor that made photographing her extra awesome.

i envy her sense of fashion.

i didn't see the little graffiti heart until i loaded it on my computer! <3

and my absolute favorite:

james & shannon

the peckels' met and fell in love on the centennial track team back in 2001. now the time has come to make it official. the ceremony was held at black bear crossings and the reception was at the hampton inn.

the process of picking up the groom is always entertaining:

let's talk about the cake for a minute. her best friend was in charge of it. she made it along with her parents who helped build this gorgeous tower of cupcakes. i hope they start a family business.

here is her reaction to seeing it for the first time:


Stender Family

Even in the muggy Minnesota heat, the Stender family was still up for some photo shoot fun. We wandered around Thomas Lake Park in Eagan, and the kiddies never ran out of energy :)

Here's what happens after I say "ok! put your hands down," hahaha!

My favorite: