morgan taylor

I'm so used to documenting the love between a couples--the kissing, the canoodling, the look in their eyes... Rarely have I photographed it between a mother and child. Until last sunday.

Meet Morgan. She is not your average two year old. She's a cancer survivor who's rightfully earned the nickname, "Rockstar." The past 6 months have been very difficult for everyone involved. Her Mother's strength and optimism through it all is very admirable. With some love and prayers coming from every angle, Morgan is now officially in remission. Her mom wanted to celebrate the ending of this journey with a little photo session...

Rock on little Rockstar, you inspire me.


  1. Megan- these are SO beautiful, brought me to tears. The love Amanda has for Morgan is so undeniable in these photos and I LOVE it...and joy is just written all over Morgan's face. Truly, great work!

  2. Someone hand me the TISSUE box, please!

    Megan, you captured every single ounce of love, hope, and faith through in these pictures.

    Job. Well. Done.