The Barie Family

I headed up to Lindstrom last Sunday to spend the afternoon at the Barie home for Kinley's 5 week photos. Her 2 year old brother Brady and I formed an instant bond. I was very flattered that he kept referring to me as "Doctor!" And any time I sat down, he'd be sure to prompt me, "Doctor! Take a Picture!" He speaks his own language that only his parents can understand. He was patient and repeated him self a good 20 times until I figured that when I hear what in my head sounds like, "purple ink acorn," he's actually saying "Find the blue semi!" So I did, and all was right in the world. Brady was, as you will see, very fun to work with. Now please enjoy a few of my favorites:

Tom & Katie

Katie's soldier arrived home safely in January after his 2nd deployment. We celebrated their new life together in Menomonie, Wisconsin. When I came back from snapping photos of the groom getting ready she asked me with big fawn-like eyes, "Oh, how does he look?!" It was adorable how giddy she was. Their love is genuine and beautiful. I loved being a part of this wedding! Thanks, Tom-kat! :D

You may not realize what I look like when I take these, but later at the reception a lady said, "I saw you climbing in the trees this morning!" Ha Ha!

These two are my favorite! It just happened to stop raining, right when we needed it to. We got a lovely ray of sunshine for a split second. Hallelujah!

The details of church & its windows were GORGEOUS.

As were these fine gentlemen.

See that? LOVE.