morgan taylor | christmas photos

rarely do i get choked up during a shoot. or on the drive home, or again when i'm editing them. but there's something about this little two year old that just gets me. maybe because it's because shes been through more than i could ever imagine and she only 2 years old. maybe i can't fathom what it's like to be her mom. maybe it's because she's the cutest little face of hope i've ever been able to photograph. i hope morgan's story gives you hope this year. happy christmas everyone!!

i think we should take a step back to june and see how far she's come...

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emily + nick | engagements

last week i hit the cross country trails with ski enthusiasts nick & emily. they hope to compete in the birkenbeiner in february. the trails were gorgeous, and i got a great workout. win-win :)

noah | 18 months

you all know this already, noah is my adorable red headed nephew. i wanted him to have snowmen in his photos, but it was too cold for the snow to stick. so my brother sprayed down his back yard with a hose. noah and his mom sat inside the warm house and watched me and my brother crawl around outside. it felt like we were 8 & 11 again. he had an awesome old-fashioned cast iron frying pan for a hat. we are very proud of our creations.

sandin | family portraits

Aaron's mom asked me to capture him playing with his toys. I didn't really understand why until I saw how intense it was...

future locomotive engineer? :)

bahr | family portraits

the secret to getting tyler to smile was hiring his aunt to jump around behind me! thanks anne :)

are you loving his vintage fish toy bin?

look at the dedication in the dog's eyes. one. patient. creature.