Joe & Erin

Blooming gardens, waterfall, a small lake, Como Park has it all. It also helps to have an adorable couple and their cute baby. We even caught a photo of the troll under a bridge :) Congrats Joe and Erin, I look forward to your wedding in 2010!

Jim & Shannon

Sometimes you have to put in a little effort. Other times, you have to force it. Once in a great while, it just happens naturally with no effort at all. This is the best I can describe my engagement session with Shannon & Jim. She is a budding photographer herself so she just knew. Knew her angles, her lighting the spot & the props. We didn't even have to speak. Thank you Shannon & Jim for being so amazing & in love....ENJOY :D

Andy and Tori

My friend from high school got married this weekend at the Eagan Community Center, the Reception took place at The Ramada Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis. Plenty of cute kids everywhere and the food was delicious. At the end of the night I went outside a got a really cool shot of the usher with a lighting storm behind him. Fortunately, it was just passing by. Congratulations Andy and Tori!!