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Kayla & David

What a lovely day it was to witness these two wonderful people exchange vows and celebrate their love. I am surprised that I have not yet seen the grand march that Kayla and Dave taught us! It started out slow but really got the party started. Here's the symbolism below if you'd like to give it a whirl!

The Grand March

- The dance begins with the couple being led around the room in a circle, which signifies life.
- The couple then separates, which signifies a quarrel.
- The couple then joins back together signifying making-up.
- The couples then join together in rows of four or more to signify the growing family.
- The dance then returns to single file, forming a snake that signifies the twists and turns of life.
-The couples then join together to form a bridge to which each person goes under to signify the strength of the new couples bond.
- The newlyweds then dance together while the wedding party and guests form a circle around them signifying the support of the family in marriage.

Here are a few highlights from their wedding day!

Matt + Lisa || Round Barn Farm Wedding

Guests met early one Sunday morning in June for coffee and donuts at the stunning Round Barn Farm in Red Wing, Minnesota. After catching up and playing some lawn games, they headed to the top of the historic barn built in 1914 to witness Matt & Lisa's vows to each other and make the sweetest promises to Matt's daughter Maisy. Brunch was served, cake was smashed into faces & the sun popped out as guests slowly dispersed and hugged goodbye. It was a fun and unique morning wedding with lots of gorgeous touches. Enjoy!